Self Portrait

I believe everyone is born with natural inclinations, mine has been to creatively record moments in time in photographs. From my first Kodak Instamatic camera to the Sony A7 III and iPhone Pro that I now use, I have been grateful that my craft has helped me better understand the essence of life, that everything is constantly changing. A shimmering rainbow against a dark grey sky, the look in a child’s eyes, the radiance of water glistening on a spider web, or the moment one kart careens into another, are incredible moments that pass in an instant if not for my ability to press the shutter of my camera. That’s the essence of photography, reminding us of the impermanence of life.

In high school I believed heading off to college to study photography was my chosen path, but life had other plans. Getting a business degree seemed more practical at the time. But when I began having panic attacks years into my first sales job, counseling helped me realize I needed a change in course. Appreciating the benefits of therapy, I headed back to school and got a degree in counseling. Since that time my life has been mainly about helping those who struggle with relationships, trauma, addiction, and other behavioral health challenges. I have counseled, taught, researched, and developed digital health products (New Mexico and Alaska) that offer people access to help not previously available.

Since working in behavioral health my desire to experience life through the lens of a camera has continued. During many medical visits to New York City, I found solace walking the streets of Manhattan taking pictures. That’s why I have such a large portfolio of images from this incredible place. But I have also enjoyed photographing nature, people, and most recently karting.

We now approach a future with more uncertainty than ever before. Coming together as a community to solve some of our greatest challenges has never been more critical. While the work of life can feel overwhelming, images remind us to live in the now, be playful, embrace impermanence, and get all we can out of this amazing experience we call life.

John Fitzgerald, May 2022

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