Self Portrait

Fine Art Photography started out as a portfolio that celebrates the diverse intersect between man and nature in the greatest megacity on earth, New York City. The project began as a way for me to better cope with cross-country medical visits for my son. As he and my wife slept in the hotel, I walked the streets seeking solace through the lens of my camera. 

Those who have lived with medical trauma – or any trauma for that matter – understand how constricting life can become. In ways I never imagined, the city responded by showing me its immense beauty, ingenuity, passion, and pain. And I accepted by making images in honor of the mysteries in which life reveals itself in times of need. 

I have been a photographer as long as I can remember, so the emergence of my craft in NYC was not a surprise. What has been interesting is the development of my street smarts and ability to shoot under poor lighting conditions. I now use a Sony A7III with various lenses, and capture images that in the past would never have been possible.

In December 2019, my son successfully completed treatment and today lives as a healthy and happy young man. The images from NYC represent over fifty trips and serve as a reminder that even during challenging times, we are surrounded by incredible resilience and beauty.

While the NYC trips and photography will continue with less frequency, I have expanded my portfolio to now include people and nature. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and for purchasing images that allow me to donate proceeds to charities nurturing the care of our precious and challenged planet. 

John Fitzgerald, March 2020


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